My concept of DRAWING starts with the very visual structure produced by the brain, expressed in thoughts. Human hands are the ultimate instrument to execute those thoughts in a visual or material way; the thoughts that are left unexecuted, we call fantasies.

DRAWING is a mark made by a human. However, not all marks made by us are DRAWINGS; only the ones that are made with an intention and the conscious execution of the hand. Therefore, the human hand becomes the most valuable instrument ever.

With civilization, DRAWING developed into an artistic expression. During the passing of time there was an important intermediary between DRAWING and the human hand; GOD, YAHWEH has been making the difference, allowing few hands the gift and the power to execute visually or materially higher thoughts.

As a professional DRAWING-MAKER, I thank GOD for allowing me to DRAW my innermost visions with my hands.


Tomás Esson 1997.